HDD camcorders

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An HDD camcorder is a type video camera that consists of an internal hard drive to store the recorded videos. Pixmania provides you with a wide range of HDD camcorders from a variety of brands to suit your requirements.

HDD camcorders

HDD camcorders like any other camcorder perform the primary function of video recording but the provision of in-built hard drive gives these camcorders unmatchable storage space of up to 80GB, enough to store a video recording of up to 60 hours. The other advantage of an internal hard drive is that the data recorded can be easily transferred from one hard drive to another. It does not require conversion of the recorded data into digital format as the data is already recorded in digital form. HDD camcorders not only save time and effort, the useful life of the data recorded in the hard drive is more than the data recorded in a tape.

Types of HDD camcorders

There are plenty of HDD camcorders available in the market introduced by top brands like Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and JVC. The camcorders provided by all the companies’ record the video at High Definition (HD) and all of them come with in-built flash provided for well illuminated recording in low light conditions. The most noticeable difference in these camcorders is the weight. Although it depends on model to model, but Sony camcorders are somewhat lighter than its peers. Cannon camcorders dominate the market when talking about picture quality and battery life. Every company has its own pros and cons, but Cannon is preferred the most by the professionals as well as regular buyers.

Features to look for in HDD camcorders

An important features that should be considered before choosing the one that suits your needs from the range of HDD camcorders available is the amount of hard drive space provided; it can vary from 32 to 60GB. Apart from this, weight is another important aspect because the user should be comfortable with the camcorder while recording videos or carrying it around the neck or shoulder. Other features like image stabilization, auto focus, and a user-friendly interface are a must. Importantly, it should provide a sharp and clear video recording in all types of environment and light density.



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