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LED TVs - What you need to know

LED TVs take their place among LCD and Plasma TVs as one of the options available to new TV buyers. They have been around for some time, but their popularity has increased substantially in the last few years. What makes LED TVs unique is that they use hundreds of small light emitting diodes (or LEDs) to shine the light through liquid crystals onto the screen to produce the picture. The LEDs produce more light for less energy than their LCD counterparts, which means that the TVs use less power. The LEDs can also be individually turned on and off which means better contrasts, and more pronounced whites and blacks on the screen. This leads to a sharper picture. LED TVs also produce wonderfully rich colours, which make them perfect for watching particularly colourful programmes such as wildlife documentaries or high-definition movies. Also, because the LEDs are compact, the TVs are very slim which makes them perfect for wall mounting. Additionally, because of the brightness of the light used to create the picture, they are perfect for viewing in well lit rooms.

The types of LED TV you can choose

LED TVs make a great choice for a general TV and are available in a range of screen sizes. Compact 16 inch models double as Computer Monitors due to the picture sharpness, whilst other screen sizes available range from 22 inch models, through mid-range sets up to 50 inches, and then Ultra TVs with screen sizes of 80 inches and more. They can also be bought with a number of options. You can choose a set with built in Freeview or Freesat, Smart TV and also 3DTV. Some models also include Voice Control, whilst others can be controlled from a Smartphone or a Tablet. They can also be bought as TV-DVD Combi units.

Brands to choose from and cutting edge developments

There are no surprises in the main players offering LED TVs. They include big name brands such as Sony with their Bravia range, and other household names such as Samsung, LG and Panasonic. But some brands, such as Sharp, are carving out a niche by providing budget TVs, Ultra TVs with up to 90 inch screens can be bought sometimes for a fraction of the price of competing brands. Those who want to keep up with the latest trends should look to Samsung, who have recently launched the latest product innovation by offering a TV with a curved screen. The advantages are reduced screen noise and improved image quality and colour. Samsung are also offering a multi-view facility on some of its newer models, which allows two people to watch different channels simultaneously.



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